Ongoing Pool and Spa Industry Education to Enhance Your Professionalism

The California Pool & Spa AssociationTM firmly believes its members should partake of continuing education opportunities to enhance your professional standing, enrich your relationships with consumers, and promote your skills within the industry. Having a wide network access to industry associates and business owners, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can provide an open forum for exchange of ideas and valuable insight into the industry. Online forums; educational opportunity links; and access to trade shows, associations, and more provide you endless opportunities to expand your professional education.


Boost Your Professionalism with CPSA

The California Pool & Spa AssociationTM’s website provides a resource for educational opportunities to enhance your professionalism and integrity. Members have the opportunity to find classes of interest on topics ranging from business management, proper pool maintenance with ionization, and advanced water chemistry to transporting hazardous materials and more. CPSA informs members of pending developments in government legislation and regulations and how it affects pool and spa industry professionals and businesses. The California Pool & Spa AssociationTM stresses continuing education, creating professional growth in the industry.